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I want to see you win!

We help visionary women to bring their book idea to life! Then we help them to monetize that book by sharing their message on stages deserving of their story, and multiple other ways! You've identified your audience, let's perfect your message and take it to them! See the success that you deserve!

Are you a visionary, maybe even a business owner, but not an experienced writer yet? Need help putting all the pieces together? 

Work with my team to establish yourself as a talented writer and expert on your content with a great professionally written book!

Our 6- week coaching program will take you from book concept to publisher ready!

We do not publish books in house, but we do partner with publishers that are ready to assist you. 

How does this 6- week coaching program work? 

This program includes 6, camera on, Zoom sessions with your coach. In these sessions, with your coach, you will review

  • Developing your book concept

  • Outlining your book

  • Creating content that keep readers turning pages

  • Writing a compelling book description

  • Selecting a book cover design

  • Self-publishing 

  • Monetizing and gaining visibility 

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