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Built On Faith,

Fueled By Ambition. 

Single women of faith, your journey elevates here! Let's step into the "more" that God has for us! It is NOT out of reach!

Society has been shaping the way women, especially single women, live for a long time, dictating the paths we should take and the timelines we should follow. I believe in rewriting that narrative. Through my coaching, I empower you to visualize a life beyond constraints and elevate your dreams. I will show you that you are the true architect of your own story, regardless of your marital status. This isn't about fitting INTO the mold; it's about BREAKING it.

Empower. Envision. Elevate.


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Individualized Coaching 


This program was designed for single women who desire to walk in their God given authority! No more being held back by limiting beliefs that keep us unproductive. I know you've reached a level of success that you were happy with for a while, but it's time to elevate higher.   In coaching, our goal is to prepare you for that elevation and make your next power move!  We will create practical strategies for your “what’s next” and plan those next steps in a way that sets you up for success!

Individualized Coaching Includes:

  • 12 weekly sessions of personalized coaching, focusing on primary goal areas in your personal and/ or professional life. 

  • Access to a private Facebook group

  • Group success journaling sessions

  • Access to your coach by email throughout your time of enrollment 


This program is $2000


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Design Your Life  Coaching Group

This is the membership that gives tribe vibes for single women! I love building a good team! We've created an atmosphere of community, support, creativity, and accountability. Our focus is reaching our personal and professional goals, so that we can create a life that we love. 


As a member, you will participate in

  • Two group coaching sessions per month

  • Weekly "Ladies Lounge" collab and networking sessions

  • Opportunities to demonstrate new skills and passions.

  • Community events if local to the DMV

  • Affiliate bonuses 

Group coaching is $600 for 3 months access and includes all of the virtual workshops.


Drop-in Workshops for Single Moms


Join the community your way! This is where single moms come to elevate for themselves and their children. As a single mother of two, I understand the challenges that we face. I also know that we can still accomplish major things that our children can be proud of and create a legacy of greatness! 


In a group setting, we develop the strategies to

  • Face single parenting challenges.

  • Create a positive "can do" mindset.

  • Maintain a home life that we love.

  • Develop professionally to generate more income for our families.

  • Cultivate the gifts on the inside of our children.


For most people, single parenting wasn't the plan, but you're here now. Let's work together to make this journey easier! 

This membership is $200 and includes any 4 Saturday morning virtual sessions/ workshops that you would like to attend within 3 months. It also includes access to group discussions in our private online group.






Shannon Wilkerson, a native Washingtonian, has served countless women all over the country as a coach promoting creativity, accountability, and an elevation mindset, towards personal and professional growth and fulfillment. She has written four books for her audience of successful, single, faith-based, women on the much needed topics of, purpose driven business, building your tribe and living life without fear. She is always happy to be on a transformational journey with a new client and excited to hear your testimonies! 

The woman behind the transformation.



Bonnetta P

“If you’re looking for an experienced coach that will walk you through step by step and hold you accountable, contact Shannon”

Kimberly H

“Shannon is truly anointed to do this work! She is very knowledgeable and encouraging and I enjoy working with her!”

Tylisha B

“I knew Shannon was the right one to help me and she did not disappoint!”




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