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Hello!! I'm Shanni

I help women to live a nourished life by improving their overall health, stressing less and enjoying the fullness of life more, even during a pandemic. I will walk you through the process of detoxing your lifestyle in order to add meaningful experiences and healthier choices that will lead to optimal health.

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Shannon Wilkerson is a  Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Writing Coach, best selling Author, and John Maxwell certified International Speaker.

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75% of Americans have consistently experienced moderate to high stress levels in the past month. 

Are you among them?

Stress can affect so many areas in our lives including how and what we eat, how much we sleep, the quality of our sleep and where we carry weight. Whatever the reason for your stress, you don't have to just let it play out. I can help you to  take back control of your life and do something about it! 

Let's chat about the health of your relationships, finances,  career  and other things that create stress. Then let's create a plan to detoxify those areas of your life, so that you can live the amazing experiences that you should.

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I'm Ready Shanni!

Let's Get Started

I Love to See 

Others Win!!

The truth is, doing a complete lifestyle detox, is not easy to do alone. You will need support. That's why I've created my online platform to help you along the way from anywhere in the world! You will have access to audio and video sessions as well as one on one text communication with me, your Coach in addition to our live sessions. You can log on at any time convenient for you and get helpful tips, recipes, health guides, writing prompts etc. 


Need help making healthier food choices?

Get healthy cooking and shopping tips!

What You Get

4 High Level Personalized Coaching Calls

We will meet on Zoom once per week for 4 weeks and will cover many topics including

  • Managing day to day stress (home, work, business)
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Self care routines
  • Making healthy food choices
  • The health of your relationships
  • Home cooking
  • Journaling 
  • Physical activity 

Private Facebook Group

I will create a private group for just you and I on a platform where you already are. On this group page, I will share additional helpful resources and motivation and answer your questions. Not on Facebook? No problem. We will do this by email. 

Written & Audio Lessons

80% of the content in this program is personalized. However, there is information shared that can apply to anyone embarking on a wellness journey. Those things will be presented by video and audio lessons

I'm Ready Shanni!

Let's Get Started

Step Away From the Detox Tea

Somebody is going to be 😠 because I’m about to mess with your whole weight loss plan, but I’m going to help you anyway. These “teatox” mixes that everyone is throwing back everyday could be harming you. Let’s be real for a sec. What are you told from all of those companies selling detox tea? More....

Check out these titles!

Believe In Your Purpose:

A Guide to Becoming a Successful Purpose- Driven Entrepreneur

Get the tips and tools shared during my coaching sessions in one book! Use this guide to identify your purpose and monetize it creating wealth for yourself and your family. 

Believe In Your Purpose

 Work Your Purpose

A Book of Reflection for Women Who Desire to Connect to their Purpose

I am honored to have partnered with Tomika Haynes, on this workbook project to walk you through a journey of self discovery that will lead you to your purpose and bless your life!  

Work Your Purpose

Get the ebook here

To My Girls

This anthology is a look at friendship from the perspective of 8 women. We discuss the common struggles that women face navigating friendships and the amazing bonds that we create along the way. 

In the Community 

This company was established by and operates under Christian values and standards of integrity.